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CO-LIVING is a modern form of communal living in which residents get a private bedroom in a furnished home with shared common areas.


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We have everything you need

We do provide Your own Home here with all the luxury . Air-conditioned Rooms with sparkling Clean floors , hygienic. Home Made Food , Washing Machine to make you relax , Stay tuned to TV & Wi-Fi for your latest Update ..with a airy Hall & Long Balcony full Of Nature's Fresh Breeze . As we think that your home is not that away.

  • Wifi


  • Clean Rooms

  • Housekeeping

  • 24/7 Security

  • RO Water

  • CCTV & Biometrics

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What our guests say

Date of stay: July 2021


The No. 1 Luxury Co-Living was a great way for me to find a affordable place to stay while moving. I found a place that I felt at home in with a lots of really cool people. I would definitely use this site again in future.

media Aman Singh
Date of stay: October 2021


The staff team was very responsive and contacted me regularly to follow up the reservations. They were able to answer all my questions perfectly I can’t wait to start my stay.

media Shubham Pandey
Date of stay: December 2021


There are many supportive staffs and workers to whom you can interact if you are facing any kind of problems here. The food quality is excellent and very hygienic.

media Mayank Jain
Date of stay: April 2021


Coliving is my go to platform to find a nice community while traveling. It’s fun to meet great people along the way and explore together. Also, their customer service is unmatched and that’s why I always consider them first.

media Poonam Singh
Date of stay: May 2021


It is having a great facility including WIFI ,Foods etc.

media Rajveer Singh

Find suitable budget accommodation

As we are providing a special offer of 20% off your trip if it’s longer than 3 nights provided with best facilities.

  • PG territory

    It includes the private bedroom and attached bathroom. It is a modern form of housing, wherein students stay in a common apartment or building, while sharing common facilities.

  • Accommodates guests

    We provide single, double and triple sharing with flexible and standard lifestyle.

  • Grateful guests

    We welcome and take care of our guests so well that their hearts are filled with joy. They enjoy their living with great fun and enthusiasm


This is the perfect PG for a weekend getaway!

Single Room with Private Bathroom

₹ 12000 / month
See availability

The No.1 Luxury Co-Living news

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near Sagar Matha
Islampur Village, Sector 38,
Gurugram, Haryana 122001

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8 am — 8 pm